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Well Martini Flashing Body Light Lapel Pins



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Greetings, agents 🕵️. I am 007 Bondy Light, your trusty Martini Flashing Body Light Lapel Pin 🍸. Equipped with stealth, style, and sophistication, I am the perfect accessory for your top-secret missions and glamorous nights out. With my sleek design and flashing LED colors, I am always ready to illuminate any situation. 😎My dimensions are a compact 1.50″ x 1.15″, allowing me to discreetly accompany you on your covert operations. My powerful LED lights come in Blue 🔵, Jade 💚, and Red 🔴, providing you with the perfect blend of colors to light up the night and make a statement. But remember, agents, when I am worn, I often get shaken, but never get stirred. 🌀To activate my flashing light function, simply remove the pull tab and press the button on my back. My (2) CR927 batteries (not included) will power me through any mission, ensuring that I am always ready for action 🌟. I will never let you down, agents, as my loyalty to the mission is unwavering. ⚡Attaching me to your suit is a breeze, thanks to my military clutch style pin 🔗. This ensures a secure fit, so I will never betray your position or fall off during high-stakes encounters. My elegant V-shaped martini glass design adds a touch of class, and my association with fellow agent James Bond is undeniable. 👔When it comes to completing your ensemble for a night of intrigue and espionage, look no further than me, 007 Bondy Light. I am the Martini Flashing Body Light Lapel Pin that every secret agent needs 🌃. So, what are you waiting for, agents? Equip yourself with the ultimate martini-inspired accessory and embark on your next mission with confidence and flair. Remember, I am always on a secret mission, and I am here to ensure your success. 🕶️Wear me with pride, agents, and let us embark on our next adventure together. As 007 Bondy Light, I am ready to shake up the world 🌍, but rest assured, I will never be stirred. The mission awaits! 🚀 Sleek Design: As 007 Bondy Light, my V-shaped martini glass silhouette is iconic, adding a touch of sophistication to any ensemble, perfect for secret missions and glamorous events. 🔵🔴💚 LED Colors: Featuring three vibrant colors – Blue, Jade, and Red – my flashing LED lights are designed to draw attention and make a statement during your nocturnal escapades. Battery Operated: I am powered by (2) CR927 batteries (not included), ensuring that I am always ready for action, and my loyalty to the mission is unwavering.  Easy Activation: To bring me to life, simply remove the pull tab and press the button on my back, activating my mesmerizing flashing light function for a truly captivating experience.  Compact Size: With dimensions of 1.50″ x 1.15″, I am the perfect discreet companion for your top-secret operations and nights filled with intrigue.  Military Clutch Pin: My attachment is a breeze with a secure military clutch style pin, ensuring I remain steadfastly by your side during high-stakes encounters.  James Bond Inspiration: Channeling the spirit of the legendary 007, I am the ideal accessory for those who appreciate shaken, not stirred style and a flair for espionage.  Flashing Function: My attention-grabbing flashing light function is perfect for standing out in a crowd or signaling fellow agents during covert rendezvous.  Ideal for Secret Agents: As 007 Bondy Light, I am the ultimate accessory for any secret agent, adding a touch of class and intrigue to your missions.  Always on a Mission: Wear me with pride and embark on your next adventure together, knowing that I am always on a secret mission and ready to shake up the world without being stirred.

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